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Anomalous Dance Crew was formed in November of 2016 as an extension of Elevate International's creative arts department. Director and Urban Missionary Kiersten Willis had a desire to create a team that would be more than just dancers. Crew members train in various styles of dance, are present in community events (battles, workshops, competitions, etc) as well as participate in service projects to give back to the community. The crew is truly a family environment that places encouragement, support and accountability as core values. In a genre that is pressured to conform to society’s “pop culture” of greed and selfishness, ADC goes against the grain. In summer of 2017 they took 8th place out of 25 crews in BoogieDaBeat Dance competition at GCU and have performed all around the valley. This fall they will be competing in world renown competitions, Hip-Hop Internationals and WOD (World of Dance). Keep your eye out for this team!

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